Autobiography of a Yogi

Paramhansa Yogananda; W. Y. Evans-Wentz (Preface by)

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The spiritual journey of the man who introduced yoga to the West, and inspired practitioners from George Harrison to Steve Jobs.


The remarkable life story of Paramhansa Yogananda is the groundbreaking work that introduced millions of Westerners to the practices of meditation and Kriya Yoga. Yogananda tells of his childhood in Gorakhpur, India, with his Bengali family, and his quest to find a guru who could satiate his desire for wisdom. After becoming a monk, he began his teachings of Kriya Yoga. But when he accepted an invitation to speak at a religious congress in Boston in 1920, his knowledge found an entirely new audience, as he then traveled across America lecturing and finally establishing the Self-Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles, where he was able to complete this classic work of spiritual expression.


Autobiography of a Yogi has been in print for over seventy years, sold over four million copies, and been translated into forty-six languages, spreading the wisdom of one of the most highly revered teachers of the Hindu religion and philosophy.


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ISBN: 9780876120835
Publication Date: 01-Dec-1981
Publisher: Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers