Australian Heist

James Phelps

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Australia's Number 1 True Crime Writer on Australia's Greatest Gold Robbery.

On June 15, 1862 a gang of bushrangers pulled off the largest gold robbery in Australia's history at

Eugowra Rocks. The gang escaped with bank notes and 77kg of gold, worth about $10 million today. It remains Australia's largest gold robbery.

The story of how Ben Hall, Frank Gardiner, John O'Mealley, John Gilbert, Harry Manns, Alex Fordyce, John Bow and Dan Charters - planned and executed the robbery and what happened to all that gold is the stuff of a brilliant, modern, exciting crime book. This is Australian history on the very best crime-writing steroids from Australia's number one true crime writer.

ISBN: 9781460756232
Publication Date: 23-Jul-2018
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Australia