Australia and Indonesia: Can We Be Friends?: Australian Foreign Affairs

Jonathan Pearlman

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Australia and Indonesia examines the turbulent relationship between these two neighbours and the missteps and missed opportunities on both sides that have prevented the forging of a genuine friendship. It will look at Indonesia's rise, its sharp religious and political divisions, and the opportunities and challenges this presents for Australia.

Australia and Indonesia will be crucial reading for anyone wanting to understand the intricacies of arguably Australia's most important relationship. The risk for both nations is that, as Asia's power balance changes, a failure to deepen ties now will lead to a wider gulf in the future.

Feature articles
Hugh White- 'Australia, Overshadowed- Keeping the peace with our rising northern neighbour'
Jen Rayner- 'The View from Australia- more Jakarta, less condescension'
'The View from Indonesia- How to say odeputy sheriffo in Bahasa Indonesia'
'One Country, 18,000 Islands- Islamists, separatists and the growing cracks in the republic'
And also
x6 book reviews
Correspondence on issue 2

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