Art Starts Here

Zenobia Frost (Editor); Metro Arts ((various roles))

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Metro Arts - an independent arts centre at the heart of Brisbane - is about to start a new chapter at its new home in West End. But this is just one of many changes this resilient organisation has made its own.For 40 years, Metro Arts inhabited 109 Edward Street, a six-storey building built in 1889, which has served as warehouse for household goods, biscuits, hats, supplies during World War II and - later, government offices and, finally, Brisbane Community Arts Centre.On the level that was once the Immigration Department, artists have created multilingual works. In the former drug squad HQ, 'art' has become indistinguishable from 'party'. In the old Electoral Office, artists have voted again and again for their community - with their time, energy, resources and (when available) money. To be at 109 Edward Street wasn't just to make art. It was to make mistakes, to mend and to make do.No record can capture every moment - every coffee shared, every spark ignited, every alliance formed, every risk taken, every show rehearsed, exhibited or staged. But through the voices of over 40 Metro community members, Art Starts Here: 40 Years of Metro Arts charts the living history of Metro Arts, from its gutsy DIY beginnings to its bright future.FEATURING CONTRIBUTIONS FROMWesley Enoch, Robert Hughes, Edwin Relf, Liz Burcham, Penny Everingham, Robert Kronk, Amy-Clare McCarthy, Gemma Smith, Josh Milani, Hannah Gartside & Autumn Royale, Nic Holas (Restaged Histories Project), Brian Lucas, Margi Brown Ash, Thom Browning (Imaginary Theatre), Younghee Park (Company Bad), Daniel Evans (The Good Room), Lafe Charlton & Roxanne McDonald, and Fraser Corfield. In addition, Meagan Streader and Vernon Ah Kee (among others) contribute their artwork.FEATURING INTERVIEWS WITH Sue Benner, The Hon Ian Callinan, Robby Nason, Stephen Nothling, Jess Murphy, Daniel McKewen, Robert Andrew, Elise Greig, Michael Futcher (Matrix Theatre), David Morton (Dead Puppets Society), Lisa Fa'alafi & Leah Shelton (Polytoxic), Nasim Khosravi (Baran Theatre), and many more.

ISBN: 9780646822891
Publication Date: 02-Sep-2020
Publisher: Metro Arts Ltd