Art of Protest


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Against an increasingly disorientating political backdrop, The Art of Protest takes a visual journey through social protest over the last 100 years. From the early 20th Century suffragette movement through to the sixties and seventies - considered by many the heyday of social protest - to contemporary, social media-driven demonstrations of dissent, such as the Arab Spring uprisings and #BlackLivesMatter, The Art of Protest examines some of the world's most iconic posters and banner art. Collated thematically, this extensive collection features more than 100 posters reporting on revolutionary events such as the civil rights marches in 195Os America, the global outcry against the Iraq war - the largest protest event in human history - and the recent student-led movements in the USA, and covers key campaigns such as women's liberation, nuclear disarmament, human rights, student and youth rebellion and the world-wide rally against capitalism. Produced in collaboration with Amnesty International. Includes access to their art archives and a global supporter base of more than 7 million, with members, supporters and activists in over 150 countries, and offices in 68 countries. SELLING POINTS: * A bold collection of some of the world's most iconic and essential protest posters * More than 100 posters and banners profile the world's political landscape through the last 100 years * In collaboration with Amnesty International 100 colour images

ISBN: 9781786750273
Publication Date: 01-Nov-2019
Publisher: Palazzo Editions, Limited