Are We Asian yet?: History vs Geography

Jonathan Pearlman

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"One of Australia's defining characteristics is the belief that the nation is headed for an Asian future. Destiny allows little room for choice." DAVID WALKER

The fifth issue of Australian Foreign Affairs examines Australia's struggle to define its place in Asia as it balances its historic ties to the West with its geography.

Are We Asian Yet?explores Australia's changing population, outlook and identity as it adjusts to the Asian Century.

David Walkerexamines Australia's fears, hopes and anxieties about its place and future in Asia.
Linda Jaivinanalyses art, politics and propaganda in the cultural dance between Australia and China.
George Megalogenisdiscusses how Australia's ousting of PMs affects the nation's reputation in Asia.
Sarah Teoexplores Asian perceptions of Australia and asks whether it can truly be part of the region.
Sam Roggeveenproposes that Australia should foster a larger Indonesian diaspora.
Christos Tsiolkasreflects on the complexities of identity politics.
Aarti Betigeriexamines the rise of India's ambitious middle class.
Peter Fraycontemplates the imperilled future of truth in politics.

PLUSCorrespondence from Alison Broinowski, Jim Molan, Michael Shoebridgeand Paul Bracken.

ISBN: 9781760641009
Publication Date: 18-Feb-2019
Publisher: Schwartz Publishing Pty, Limited