Archer #10


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* Q&A with William Yang

* Indigenous queer elders by Peter Waples-Crowe
* Dominatrix across time by Anne O Nomis
* Butch lineage by Kait Fenwick
* Sex work and political voyeurism by Kay Stavrou
* Queer Muslim Futurism by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
* Queer comics by Ronnie Scott/Tommi Parrish
* Media representation by Ross Murray (GLAAD)
* Intersectional family by Jessica Walton
* Trans men and gay saunas by Kaya Wilson
* Trans erasure in archives by Archie Barry
* Penetration trauma by Greta Parry
* Q&A with Miss Blanks

* FASHION EDITORIAL: Tattoos and identity by Nynno Bel-Air/Archer Magazine
* IMAGES: Shot in the Dark by Sam Stoich
* IMAGES: Isolation in the Reservation by Jeremy Meek

ISBN: 2770010029404