The Almost Perfect Marriage

Stephanie Dowrick

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Aimed at readers who are short on time, this relationship guide from the author of "Choosing Happiness" offers quick moments of clarity and practical insight thatwill make a difference to any committed relationshipIn this wise and beautiful book, a foremost self-help authorgently and confidently leads readers towards the attitudes and actions that will best support a genuinely loving intimate relationshipeven with the extreme demands of contemporary life.The principles of good humor, kindness, and thoughtfulness are explored as thekeys togenuinely rewarding and robust relationships. Combining inspiration with information, each page is a distinct "thought," most of them short enough to be read very quickly, yet with sufficient depth to bring people back to a more loving and generous frame of mind. This guideis suitable for people in all kinds of committed intimate relationships, and for people at all stages of their relationships from the newly committed to those who have been together for years."

ISBN: 9781741751352
Publication Date: 01-Oct-2007
Publisher: Allen & Unwin