A Wind from the East

Wendy Dartnall

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More than thirty years ago, Terry Dartnall turned up in author Wendy Dartnall's life holding a bottle of cheap port. He had looked around the door of a friend's living room, apologising for his lateness, and she felt something happen to time. Love at first sight was something Wendy had only heard about until then.

In "A Wind from the East," Wendy shares an account of their life together. Alternating between their love story are letters she wrote to Terry when he was dying and they could no longer converse; they had always talked about everything together. However, despite their deep love and commitment to each other, their marriage had not been without problems.

After Terry dies, Wendy tells how she hears him and feels his presence. She continues writing to him, and along with the natural grieving process she comes to new understandings. She discovers that an honest, loving relationship with the self is fundamental to experiencing a happy life. Losing the love of her life reveals the eternal nature of human relationships. She concludes that physical death brings change, but it need not be the end of our connection to loved ones. We are always evolving, on both sides of life. Death is not the end of our soul's evolution.

ISBN: 9781504300438
Publication Date: 25-Jan-2016
Publisher: Author Solutions, Incorporated