A Spotter's Guide to Film (and TV) Locations

Lonely Planet; Laurence Phelan; Lonely Planet

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Discover the ultimate collection of film and TV locations with the next instalment in Lonely Planet''s Spotter''s Guide series. Featuring locations from more than 100 of the most iconic scenes ever committed to film, we''ll show you where incredible moments from Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Thelma & Louise, Game of Thrones and many more favourites were shot.

Whether you''re sat in the dark of your local cinema, or curled up on the sofa, each film has the rare ability to transport you to amazing destinations around the globe. Inside this book, you''ll be able to explore the real-life locations for some of the most famous productions of all time, filmed in countries including Canada, Australia, Jordan, Croatia, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, Tunisia and India. Many of these locations effortlessly played themselves, while others were disguised as hostile, alien deserts, futuristic cityscapes, or Jedi hideaways.

While a film''s job is make you forget you''re watching one, there are certain locations that can transport you right into the world of a movie. If you want to feel like 007 with a license to kill, you can take a boat out to James Bond Island, otherwise known as Khao Phing Kan, in Thailand, home to The Man with the Golden Gun. If you wa(more...)

ISBN: 9781786577603
Publication Date: 18-Apr-2017
Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications