A Spectator's Guide to the Bible

John Dickson

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An accessible introduction to the Bible for all, this book assumes readers have no prior knowledge and answers all the key questions about the Bible

As the world's bestselling book, the Bible often remains a "closed book" on one's desk. John Dickson provides a straightforward guide that brings this most influential of books to life. He explores what the Bible is and isn't, how it came to be, and its main themes. He assumes no prior understanding or beliefs, but explains clearly and simply the principal issues involved in reading the Bible such as: "How can the creation accounts in Genesis be read alongside modern science?," "What do we make of the nihilistic God portrayed in parts of the Old Testament?," and "Who was Jesus and what was his mission?" The Bible has a powerful story to tell; one that remains as influential and important today as it has ever been.

ISBN: 9780745955070
Publication Date: 09-Nov-2013
Publisher: Lion Hudson PLC