A Blank Canvas

Robert Hollingworth

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Renowned abstract artist, the curmudgeonly octogenarian GilesPaumen, is the head of a family of artists, each of whom he considersless talented than himself. His son Laurence is a conceptualartist and lecturer, code for the fact that, unlike his father, he cannotpaint at all. However, granddaughter Sophie has inherited thegenes and is making a name for herself as a painter of massiveportraits, not that Giles would ever dream of expressing a positive word about her work.When a new national art prize is announced, each of the Paumen's secretly enters, the prizegalvanizing them to embark in a new direction. Giles will complete a landscape honouring hiswife who has recently died. Laurence heads to Uluru intending to capture the true spirit ofAustralia in this most iconic of outback locations. And Sophie decides to portray themalevolence lurking beneath the benign exterior of that most awful of men, the chauvinist.What none of them predicts is that they will all beco

ISBN: 9781922134981
Publication Date: 04-Jul-2018
Publisher: Harbour Publishing House