Sally Steele - Dare More Care Less

Thursday 12 December 2019
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
In store at Avid Reader Bookshop
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This book first launched into the world in August 2019 and the 1st run sold out in 9 weeks. Join Sally Steele as she talks about Dare More Care Less.


Stylist, Strategist, Mentor & Speaker Sally Steele @STEELEMyStyle knows that Style is an Inside Job™ and after being in the wardrobes/changing rooms with thousands of women she knows a soulful, holistic approach to creating a bold individual personal style is the key to creating confidence that will have a knock-on effect into the rest of your life. 

As a working Mama of 2, Sally Steele understands the realities of life and focuses on High Impact, Low Maintenance™ styling that allows anyone to curate a wardrobe full of versatile, loved pieces that express your personality no matter what real life might be throwing you. Instead of glossy studio images, or slick glamorous photos, Sally chose to use her own everyday snaps and reached out to 36 of her global #Spotmystyle #realstreetstyle instagram community  to use their photos to help provide bold yet realistic inspiration for women of all ages, shapes, styles and ethnicities to #DareMoreCareLess. The book has been designed to  be the perfect gift and fit in a crossbody handbag. 

Learn to love yourself a bit more, see your potential, have more fun with fashion and with your renewed sense of self love and confidence push yourself to Dare More, Care Less ®and live your life in full colour ! 

Sally says “ I remember with motherhood, sick parents and just the everyday stresses I stopped reading because I was so exhausted, so the book has been specially designed to be an easy “no-brainer” read - to dip into at that dead time waiting at soccer or school pickups or on the morning commute. I also designed it especially smaller so it could fit in someone’s crossbody handbag and be an easy reference to keep whilst shopping or  “holiday read" on travels. The best bit for me is having women and teens come up at the  Coles checkout and say it has completely changed their outlook because I laid it out in such an easy relatable way and they have passed it onto their daughter, friend  or sister to read.” 

"Dare More Care Less ®  is self published - self distributed. As Sally says “There was no Kickstarter or GoFundMe… basically I spoke to my husband and said either we fix our shitty kitchen up a bit or I publish my book” - thankfully he chose the book!” 

“One of the most authentic, fun, real voices of our time and her debut book Dare More, Care Less ® is going to change your life!” Bianca Dye 97.3FM (Bianca Mike & Bob)(Radio, TV, Author, Speaker) 

Born in Glasgow, Scotland as the daughter of an ex-pat Sally Steele has lived, studied, travelled & worked extensively in Europe, Asia & The Middle East before emigrating to Sydney in 2001. 

Sally's early career saw her work in Market Analysis and Trend Forecasting, before starting her own Strategic Marketing & Comms  agency for Film, TV, Fashion and Lifestyle. 

In April 2007, Sally gave birth and her mum got diagnosed with breast cancer in the same week, before her father ended up in coronary intensive care not long after.  

So, with a newborn on tow, Sally spent the rest of her maternity leave looking after her folks in Brisbane, whilst scrambling to keep her business and marriage intact in Sydney.

In 2010, Sally & her family moved to Brisbane to care for her mother and terminally ill father. With a toddler, newly pregnant and a mortgage to pay she added mobile  Personal Stylist & Wardrobe Consultant to her career  bag of tricks as @STEELEMyStyle. After a busy few years in the wardrobes with thousands of Brisbane women helping them have a Mindset Makeover, Ditch The Inner Bitch™ and learn how to Curate don’t Consume Sally realised a book would help her reach more women that her back to back schedule would allow so  Dare More, Care Less ® was born. Unable to go to a writer’s retreat, she tagteamed the kids on a friday night with her husband and wrote over 56,000 words over the two weekends  holed up in the spare room at her mum’s house. 

A natural optimist and believer that "Self Love is your superpower” Sally is now asked to speak about self belief, strategic marketing, conscious consumption and building a bold and authentic brand at many events. 

Sally lives in Brisbane with her husband, 2 young daughters & scruffy wee dog Toto. 

Dare More, Care Less ® creates a new genre - a style, self-help book. It is her debut.