Panel - Shaken or Stirred? Food Sustainability in the 21st Century

Thursday 29 August 2019
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
In store at Avid Reader Bookshop
Ticket $10.00
Tickets available until 29 August 2019 12:00 AM

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Food Connect's Robert Pekin chairs our expert panel including Alana Mann and Kylie Newberry discussing Shaken or Stirred? Food Sustainability in the 21st Century.

Food politics is where the social, the technical, the cultural, the economic and the environmental meet. But where is the democracy in our foodways? Most decisions about our food environments are left to profit-seeking companies and policy-makers who are out of touch with the lived experiences of food insecurity. 

Join our expert panel as they discuss social learning and movement-building to suggest how ordinary people can have voice and participate in the co-design of food environments that are fairer, tastier, and healthier. That means respecting many choices based on culture, capacity, nutritional needs, and preference in diets, and doing so within planetary boundaries that respect the non-human too. This means learning from our past failure to listen, which has causing feelings of isolation and marginalisation with deeply tragic consequences. 

Alana Mann is Chair of the Department of Media and Communications at the University of Sydney and the author of Voice and Participation in Global Food Politics (2019). She grew up in Hervey Bay in the family fishing business. She taught high school for seven years in regional Queensland, Canada and then the UK where she moved into publishing.Back home, working at The Sydney Morning Herald, she did a Masters degree and started teaching again. She encountered La Via Campesina during her PhD and continues to write on themes including food sovereignty and food activism, while co-leading FoodLab Sydney, a small food business incubator project funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC).

Kylie Newberry is a food systems consultant and advocate. Her passion lies in transforming the food system to deliver a range of health, environmental, social and economic outcomes. She does this through many mechanisms including working with community groups, universities and the local government. Kylie also increases awareness of the ways in which people can help build and support a healthy, sustainable and fairer food system at 

Robert Pekin is a former 4th generation organic dairy farmer and over the last 20 odd years has been democratising the food production and distribution system in Australia. In 2004 he founded Food Connect, a dynamic multi-farmer food distribution enterprise with an innovative community-based distribution system. In 2009, the Food Connect Foundation was launched to increase the scope of the fair food movement internationally and across Australia. Robert is a member of the national board of Australian Social Enterprise Advisory Group, co-founder of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, and a founding member on the Board of The global software organsiation Open Food Network.  He is a contributing author to Fair Food, published by University of Queensland Press. Last year he co-founded the Food Connect Shed to raise over $2million with the Food Connect community to buy the warehouse they’d been renting for over 12 years, through an equity crowdfunding campaign. Rob is a well known speaker in the Fair Food movement. He loves his blended family of four children, and his favorite foods are beer, butter and good bread.

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