Bjelke Blues - BOOKED OUT

Tuesday 24 September 2019
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
In store at Avid Reader Bookshop
Sorry, all seats taken

This event commences at 6.30pm. Printed tickets are not issued and your booking will be on a door list under your surname.

Bjelke Blues – Stories of Resistance and Repression in Bjelke-Petersen’s QLD 1960s-1980s 45 stories and memoirs about the reality of life in Queensland during the Bjelke Petersen regime.

Life under Joh was no joke! In fact, for a lot of people it was downright dangerous. Join Bjelke Blues editor Edwina Shaw, with Raymond Evans (historian), Dan O’Neill (political agitator & UQ lecturer), Paul Richards (lawyer and activist), Sean Mee (director), Angelina Hurley (radio host & academic), Anne Jones (film maker), Warren Ward (psychiatrist-philosopher), and writers Andrea Baldwin and Jeanelle Hurst for readings and conversations uncovering the awful truth about life under Joh.