Jillian Hamilton - Risk Dollarisation

Thursday 24 January 2019
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
In store at Avid Reader Bookshop
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Join Jillian Hamilton for the launch of Risk Dollarisation®.

Risk Dollarisation® is an invaluable tool to understanding The Financial Approach to Non-Financial Risk.

Multimillion-dollar companies around the world are losing millions and they don’t even know it. In the past, Non-Financial Risk (safety) has been approached from a sociological and psychological perspective. Risk Dollarisation® presents The Financial Approach to Non-Financial Risk. This is a quantitative, factual and measurable account of your business's Damage Costs. This book explores: 

* What you haven’t been told about your business risk portfolio; 
* What they don’t assess in merger and acquisitions reviews;
* How you can reduce your Damage Costs and increase your profits; and
* The brand-new way to approach risk management

Jillian Hamilton also explores the implications of the changing way we work, including automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and the gig/informal economies, and how this will impact your risk management and bottom line. Risk Dollarisation® will assure the best outcome for your workforce and the fiscal health of your business.

Jillian Hamilton is the Managing Director of Manage Damage, an Australian risk management advisory firm.

Following her extensive career across many industries, Jillian saw the need to approach safety and risk in a different way.  Currently studying a Bachelor of Laws, Jillian’s impressive academic background consists of a Post Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment and a Bachelor in Natural Resource Economics. Jillian has studied the complete set of key skill sets for risk, ranging from ergonomics, to economics to ecometrics, to environmental law and politics.

Jillian was invited to speak in Pakistan at their first ever Safety Conference & Vision Zero Launch, at the Nigeria Lagos Vision Zero Conference and was an international speaker at the XXI World Congress on Safety & Health at Work 2017 in Singapore.