Amee Baird - Sex in the Brain

Wednesday 02 October 2019
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
In store at Avid Reader Bookshop
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Join Amee Baird for the launch of Sex in the Brain

What controls our sex lives? Our brains. Yet there is surprisingly little research into the ways our brains influence our sex drive. Research mainly takes place when something goes wrong through brain injury or disease.

In Sex in the Brain, clinical neuropsychologist Amee Baird takes readers on an entertaining and informative tour of the sexiest bits of the human brain. Spiced with real case studies, the book reveals pathologies no longer hidden in medical journals or the bedrooms of people whose sex lives are undergoing dramatic change, for better and worse. In the style of popular neurology guru Oliver Sacks, Baird captures the humanity and complexity of patients, even when their neurological challenges have rendered them permanently or temporarily unlikeable.

Drawing from true stories, this revealing and sometimes heartbreaking book unfolds a better understanding of the links between brain function and our sexual selves. 

Dr Amee Baird is a clinical neuropsychologist with a Master of Clinical Neuropsychology and PhD on the topic of sexual outcome after epilepsy surgery, both from the University of Melbourne. She has worked in clinical and research positions in London and Paris and is now based in Newcastle, Australia, where she has a private practice and also does clinical research. Sex in the Brain is her first book.