Science Fiction & Fantasy Bookclub

7.00pm, first Tuesday of the month. In-store at Avid Reader.

Science Fiction and Fantasy readers unite! Last year we read some of the best SF Australian writers had to offer, this year we're going international looking at some of the best new SF around. We'll be getting our steampunk on, launching for the outer rim of the galaxy*, and patting the occasional dragon**. 

There will also be wine***.

*spacesuits not provided, but you can fashion one from some pipe cleaners and a rain poncho - it's what NASA does.

**just watch your hand - as in be careful, not watch your hand as a dragon eats it.

***Sadly not Dandelion Wine - it's too expensive, this isn't bookselling in the 90s.

See our Events Calendar for details or contact us for more information - [email protected] or 07 3846 3422