Stop everything! Writing hack!


Stop everything! Writing hack!

The Leuchtturm Journal Pen Loop is the single most useful thing I have purchased to support my writing since my laptop!

How can you make a difference to your writing practice for less than $10? Well, let me tell you! I spent three months last year on an international writing retreat and I wanted to make sure my notebook was always at the ready WITH my pen. Usually I lose pens at a rate of knots. I can't find them in the bottom of my bag or they make my pocket all inky or I drop them out of the notebook. So before I left I searched for a solution and I discovered these colourful little loops that you stick in the back of your notebook, Moleskine or otherwise. I took a risk and invested in an expensive pen too. Shock! Horror! I am still using that same pen 4 Moleskine notebooks later. I have bought a new loop for every new notebook and have not lost my pen since.

If I have an idea on the bus, at a cafe, at a friend's house over dinner all I have to do is find the notebook in my back and the pen is right there to quickly grab and make a hurried note before the dinner guests have time to say 'SO RUDE'!

Honestly it sounds like a small thing but it radically changed my practice for the better. I have been begging Sarah our buyer to get these into the shop and now they are here and I am so happy. So happy that I thought I'd let you all in on this life-changing writing hack.

So here we are.

Krissy Kneen