Guest Reviewer: Cass Moriarty


Cass Moriarty, author of The Promise Seed and Parting Words, is back with more fantastic reviews for us.

Good Girl Bad Girl by Michael Robotham

The latest psychological crime thriller from Michael Robotham, Good Girl Bad Girl(Hachette 2019) features forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven, who survived a childhood tragedy, and ward of the state Evie Cormac, a young woman with a hidden past who has also suffered terrible trauma. As Cyrus investigates the murder of a teenage schoolgirl and champion figure-skater, Evie’s ability to intuit truth from lies may save him or destroy him.

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Mother of Pearl by Angela Savage

Mother of Pearl (Transit Lounge 2019) is a fictional exploration by author Angela
Savage into the sensitive, confronting and controversial world of international
surrogacy. Told from several different perspectives, the novel continually shifts the moral and legal boundaries through each character’s hopes, longings, compromises and sacrifices. A great book club book!

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Lapse by Sarah Thornton

It’s always exciting to discover another new Australian crime writer, especially when that writer subverts the usual tropes and gives us a plot that goes beyond the police procedural, along with characters that are unexpected and different. In Lapse (Text Publishing 2019), corporate lawyer turned debut author Sarah Thornton presents a fast-paced and tense narrative set in rural Australia and featuring Clementine Jones – an endearing accidental crime solver.

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