Guest Reviewer: Cass Moriarty


Cass Moriarty, author of The Promise Seed and Parting Words, is back with more fantastic reviews for us.

Little Stones by Elizabeth Kuiper

Little Stones (UQP 2019), debut fiction by Elizabeth Kuiper, has the intimate,
autobiographical feel of a memoir. Through the eyes of Hannah, we see her negotiate her burgeoning adolescence through strained family circumstances and childhood friendships, within the wider picture of the country of Zimbabwe struggling with racism and inequality and a corrupt leader and government. Her dreams of escape conflict with her loyalties.

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This Taste for Silence by Amanda O'Callaghan

Amanda O’Callaghan’s debut collection of short stories This Taste for Silence (UQP
2019) explores the silences of death, bereavement, illness, people and things lost and vanished, failed memories and mysterious children. The stories are finely-crafted, spare and evocative; they are unsettling, haunting and thought-provoking.

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Wedding Puzzle by Sallie Muirden

Wedding Puzzle (Transit Lounge 2019), by Sallie Muirden, is YA novel meets rom-com, as young bride-to-be Beth Shaw experiences a very strange wedding day. Disconcerted by some news about her fiancé, Beth spends the day (in between wedding preparations), contemplating her life thus far, her complicated friendships and family relationships, and the life-changing choice she is about to make. Outlandish and funny, this is a light- hearted and easy read.

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