Guest Reviewer: Cass Moriarty


Cass Moriarty, author of The Promise Seed and Parting Words, is back with more fantastic reviews for us.

The Place on Dalhousie by Melina Marchetta

The Place on Dalhousie (Penguin Random House Viking 2019) by Melina Marchetta is an exploration of belonging, being an outsider and interconnectedness; of finding love and building a family; of facing grief and loss. Featuring characters introduced in Marchetta’s earlier novels, this story centres on Jimmy – who has abandoned his friends and is searching for his family; Rosie – filled with rage and grief; and Martha – unsettled and isolated. These characters, and a host of others, come together with humour, compassion, hope and the possibility of redemption through connection.

Cass Moriarty will be in conversation with Melina Marchetta at Avid Reader on Thursday. Find out more here.

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Accidental Feminists by Jane Caro

Accidental Feminists (MUP 2019), social commentator Jane Caro’s most recent work, is an exploration of the third wave of feminism ‘accidentally’ experienced by women aged 55 and over. In easy to understand language, and with research and statistics combined with anecdotal examples, this book unpacks the expectations, roles and responsibilities of this group (of themselves and by society) and some practical ideas for how we might better cater for women that were raised to care for others. This is a must-read for anyone hoping for a better understanding of the scaffolding underpinning current societal roles and the way in which changes might be made.

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The Shining Wall by Melissa Ferguson

In The Shining Wall (Transit Lounge 2019), author Melissa Ferguson portrays a
frightening depiction of a dystopian future where the wealthy live privileged lives
behind a shining wall, but those beyond the wall in the Demi-Settlements suffer poverty, disease and exploitation. Orphaned sisters Alida and Graycie are determined to survive against the power of LeaderCorp. Shuqba, a cloned Neoandertal, fights an internal battle of her orders against her instinct. Female characters are front and centre in this apocalyptic tale of friendship, sacrifice and survival.

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