Yarn Spinners

Marilla North

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"Dymphna Cusack, Miles Franklin and Florence James come alive on these pages through their friendships, their aspirations, their passions and achievements, their disappointments, insecurities and triumphs. In Yarn Spinners Marilla North tells the tale of their personal and professional lives through their correspondence, meticulously curated, edited and woven together with subtle narrative links." ... from the Preface by Mary Kostakidis

"Editing is too modest a word for what Marilla North has done in this trove of letters, artfully assembled from thousands she recovered in a labour extending over 12 years. She has topped and tailed and interwoven them, then filled the gaps with narrative and notes, and in the process created a unique literary form. As the story flows from one to the other, the effect is, as North hoped, like a novel with three unfailingly lively female characters." Barry Oakley

ISBN: 9780994429605
Publication Date: 01-Feb-2017
Publisher: Brandl & Schlesinger