White Trash

Nancy Isenberg

$39.99 Hardback
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The groundbreaking and bestselling history of the class system, a book that has upended our comforting myths about America as the land of equal opportunity and social mobility-with a new preface by the author covering the presidential election of 2016, Surveying political rhetoric and policy, popular literature, and scientific theories over four hundred years, Nancy Isenberg destroys assumptions about America's supposedly class-free society-where liberty and hard work were meant to ensure real social mobility. She uncovers instead the crucial legacy of the ever-present poor white trash and the deeply entrenched class system that dates back to America's colonial roots, where a disposable white underclass was the price of doing business. We have long acknowledged racial injustice as an ugly stain on our nation's history. With Isenberg's landmark book, we will have to face the truth about the enduring, malevolent nature of class as well. Book jacket.

ISBN: 9781786492982
Publication Date: 01-May-2017
Publisher: Atlantic Books, Limited