What Can I Do?

Lynda Bennett; Trish Stewart

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Lynda Bennett and Trish Stewart are two health care professionals who have worked in aged care for many years. After witnessing the distress of people trying and failing to find information for themselves, their mother or their father about aged care, they realised the need for a guide that helped navigate care for the elderly and let people know what they could do.This book was produced because we were frustrated with a lack of concise literature and information about coping with ageing issues. As health care professionals (Trish is a registered nurse and Lynda a physiotherapist), we found that we too were asking the same questions when it came to the care of our own families. People in need of care, carers of the elderly, family and friends need to access a wide range of information and services to be able to make informed choices.'They wrote this book to provide a much-needed, comprehensive and up-to-date reference for anyone looking for answers to their aged care questions.

ISBN: 9780733624520
Publication Date: 01-Oct-2009
Publisher: Hachette Australia