The Reality Check-Up

Andrew Rochford

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For men of any age the most common concerns include exercise, diet, sleep, work, relationships, sex, stress, mental health and body image. Using his expertise as a scientist, as a doctor and as a man, Dr Andrew Rochford has combined current scientific knowledge with the practicalities of life to create a frank and straight-to-the-point guide for the modern man.

Dr Andrew's message is that in a time when everyone is trying to sell you something--how to live longer, have better-looking skin or be better in the bedroom--it's okay to admit you aren't perfect. But how do we overcome the mistakes we all make to become a better non-perfect version of ourselves?

In entertaining and informative style learn how to take a different approach with tips that will help you to make the better decision the majority of the time so you can enjoy each day and live it in a healthier way.

ISBN: 9781742579658
Publication Date: 01-Dec-2017
Publisher: New Holland Publishers Pty, Limited