The Minimalist Woodworker

Vic Tesolin

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Here's the truth about woodworking: you don't need a single machine or a huge shop. All you need are a few essential hand tools, a little bit of space for a basic workbench, and the desire to make something. The Minimalist Woodworker is the simple and smart step-by-step reference that will have you rethinking how much you really need to enjoy woodworking. Inside The Minimalist Woodworker, You'll find: Basics for creating a small work space, Which essential tools you need to have, Expert techniques for measuring and marking, How to keep your hand tools sharp and ready to go, Six workshop projects you'll use time and time again, An enjoyable, stress-free approach to woodworking that emphasizes the journey, not the destination Book jacket.

ISBN: 9781940611358
Publication Date: 15-Nov-2015
Publisher: Spring House Press