The Island Will Sink

Briohny Doyle; Sam Cooney (Editor); Rosetta Lake Mills (Designed by, Cover Design by)

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Set in a not-too-distant future in which things are not so different. The energy crisis has come and gone, natural disasters are common, and cities have undergone rapid transformation. As Pitcairn Island sinks millimetre by millimetre into the Pacific, people go about their day-to-day lives with one eye on the newsfeed, wondering if today will bring The End.Max's relationships are disembodied, conducted on the screen. His marriage is theoretical. In conversation his children are situated, like warm fronts and wind warnings. His own childhood is lost in the static. The last relic of that time is his comatose brother Tom.When sad-eyed neurologist Dr Gabriel Stern proposes a way to connect Max with his sleeping brother, he begins to explore the mysteries of inner space. In Max, Gabriel sees the possibility of a beautiful future in which painful memories can be easily altered or erased. In Gabriel, Max sees romantic subplot.Soon all three are led to a suspiciously cinematic barn on the outskirts of civilisation, once home to drug cult 'The Sleepers'. Max is required to draw a line between what's real and what isn't, and try and answer the ultimate question: what is love when all experience is really just electronic?Panning from Prequel and Establishing Shot to Romantic Subplot and Action Sequence, slipping in and out of film conventions, Doyle's novel raises questions about how we interpret narrative in our screen-saturated culture. A postmodern science fiction tale in the vein of Phillip K. Dick and Michel Houellebecq, it will find audiences in lovers of serious literature, those keen on experimental writing, fans of a gripping storyline, and people interested in the intersection between literature and film.

ISBN: 9780994606808
Publication Date: 04-Aug-2016
Publisher: Lifted Brow, The