The Best of Dear Coquette

Coquette Staff

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Searingly frank, helpful, profane, often brutal advice on dating, relationships, health and sex (as well as general life advice, political/philosophical views, and much more in between) from the anonymous internet agony aunt whose incredibly popular tumblr blogs have attracted readers from all over the world. Coquette is a mystery LA party girl about whom little is known other than that she holds down a high-ranking media job whilst authoring the Dear Coquette blog, and the Twitter account Coketweet (over 30,000 followers).Starting in 2009, Coquette began to answer anonymously-submitted questions to the blog with her own witty, empowering and morally sure takes on all aspects of dating and relationships, with helpful life advice thrown in for fun. The blog soon attracted a huge cult following is frequently cited in best-of-the-internet lists, eg the Guardian's 10 Funniest Tumblrs (2012), as well as similar mentions in the Huffington Post or Fashionista.

ISBN: 9781785780950
Publication Date: 18-Sep-2016
Publisher: Icon Books, Limited