The Amazing Mrs Livesey

Freda Marnie Nicholls

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Ethel Livesey was quite a gal. An attractive young woman from a respectable middle-class family in Manchester, she had 41 aliases, eight legitimate marriages, four divorces and at least four children, and her story stretches from industrial England to the French Riviera, from Ireland to New York, Shanghai, New Zealand, the Isle of Man and across Australia. Ethel claimed she was a wartime nurse, casino hostess, stowaway, artist, opera singer, gambler, spy, actress, movie star, close friend of the King, cotton heiress, wife of Australian cricketer Jack Fingleton, air raid warden, charity queen - all before she was finally arrested in Australia in 1945. But what was fact and what was fiction? When her career imploded (with the abandonment of her glittering marriage to a wealthy Sydney socialite, just two hours before the guests were due to arrive), the story of The Amazing Mrs Livesey was blazoned across newspapers around the world for nearly a year, enthralling the public with her adventures. But even then the whole truth never emerged - until now. Freda Nicholls' account of Ethel's life is 'purportedly' written by her son Frank, a rough but loveable Aussie sundowner, who spoke extensively with his mother about her past after she evaded a lengthy prison sentence in 1946. It is based on tapes and transcripts Frank recorded two years before his death, as well as numerous court, police, divorce and immigration records, and contemporary newspaper articles.

ISBN: 9781760290146
Publication Date: 01-Mar-2016
Publisher: Allen & Unwin