Speeches That Changed the World

Simon Sebag Montefiore

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Comprehensively updated with many new speeches including Earl Spencer's
lament to "The extraordinary and irreplaceable Diana", Nikita
Khrushchev's secret speech of 1956 signalling the beginning of the end
of Stalinist Russia, Patrick Pearse's rousing funeral oration that
fanned the flames of the Easter Rising, Kevin Rudd's historic apology to
Australia's mistreated Aborigines and Barack Obama's momentous US
election night victory speech.

Alongside these are the finest war
cries of Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King's prophetic "I have a
dream" and "I've seen the promised land" speeches, the inspiring words
of JFK and impassioned pleas from Nelson Mandela-the first at his
trial in 1964 and the second on his election as president of South
Africa in 1994. In addition are historic speeches from Elizabeth I,
Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte,
Abraham Lincoln, Emmeline Pankhurst, Mahatma Gandhi, Vladimir Lenin,
Neville Chamberlain, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt,
Charles de Gaulle, General George S. Patton, J Robert Oppenheimer, Mao
Zedong, Malcolm X, Richard M. Nixon, Pope John Paul II, Vaclav Havel,
Elie Wiesel, Mikhail Gorbachev and many other great historical figures.

that Changed the World presents over 50 momentous and thought-provoking
speeches from throughout history. Complete with a potted biography of
each speaker, and telling the story of why each oration was significant
and what happened as a result, this is a gripping history of the world
told through its greatest and most impassioned speeches.

ISBN: 9781623654528
Publication Date: 05-May-2015
Publisher: Quercus NA