Paris Year

Janice MacLeod

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When Janice Macleod arrived in Paris, she brought her talents for writing, illustration and photography with her. She also met Christophe, who became her reason to stay in Paris. In A Paris Year, Janice charts the moods, changes and charms of Paris through her words, paintings and photos. The book is set over the course of a calendar year and it covers food, buildings, historical figures, places of interest and local characters. There is Hemingway, Robespierre, the author's local boulangerie, flea markets, what Paris is like when the locals come home after la rentree, a handy cheat sheet to help you distinguish Napoleon B from Napoleon III, macaron day and Le Bon Marche. In short: all the details of Paris that can be missed but which make the city unique and captivating.

ISBN: 9780733638619
Publication Date: 27-Jun-2017
Publisher: Hachette Australia