Out of the Ordinary

Jon Ronson

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Jon Ronsone(tm)s subjects have included people who believe that goats can be killed by the power of a really hard stare, and people who believe that the world is ruled by twelve-foot lizard-men. In Out of the Ordinary, a collection of his journalism from the Guardian, he turns his attention to irrational beliefs much closer to home, investigating the ways in which we sometimes manage to convince ourselves that all manner of lunacy makes perfect sense e" mainstream, domestic, ordinary insanity. Whether he finds himself promising his son that he will be at his side for ever, dressed in a Santa costume, or trying to understand why hundreds of apparently normal people would suddenly start speaking in tongues in a Scout hut in Kidderminster, he demonstrates repeatedly how we all succumb to deeply irrational beliefs that grow to inform our everyday existence. Out of the Ordinary is Jon Ronson at his inimitable best: hilarious, thought-provoking and with an unerring eye for human frailty e" not least his own. Praise for The Men Who Stare at Goats: e~Not only a narcotic road trip through the wackier reaches of Bushe(tm)s war effort, but also an unmissable account of some of the insanity that has lately been done in our namese(tm) Observer Praise for Them: Adventures with Extremists: e~A funny and compulsively readable picaresque adventure through a paranoid shadow worlde(tm) Louis Theroux, Guardian

ISBN: 9780330448321
Publication Date: 06-Nov-2006
Publisher: Pan Macmillan