Just Cool It

David Suzuki; Ian Hanington

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Aresounding post-Paris Agreement wake-up call about the urgency of the climatecrisis that offers a range of practical solutions - and above all, hope.

Climate change is the most important crisis humanityhas faced, but we still confront huge barriers to resolving it. So, what do wedo, and is there hope for humanity? The problem itself is complex, and there'sno single solution. But by understanding the barriers to resolving globalwarming and by employing a wide range of solutions - from shifting to cleanenergy to planting trees to reforming agricultural practices - we can get theworld back on track.

Just Cool It is DavidSuzuki at his most passionate and cogent. His urgently important book takes a comprehensivelook at the current state of climate science and knowledge and the many ways toresolve the climate crisis, imploring us to do what's necessary to live in abetter, cleaner future. When enough people demand action, change startshappening - this time, it could be monumental.

ISBN: 9781742235523
Publication Date: 03-Apr-2017
Publisher: NewSouth Publishing