Jean Harley Was Here

Heather Taylor Johnson

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"Heather Taylor Johnson has a poet s understanding of the world: her exploration of the way in which our lives intertwine for better or for worse is nuanced and poignant." Hannah Kent, bestselling author of Burial Rights and The Good PeopleJean Harley wife, mother, lover, dancer is a shining light in the lives of those who know and love her. But when tragedy strikes, what becomes of the people she leaves behind? Her devoted husband, Stan, is now a single father to their young son, Orion. Her best friends, Neddy and Viv, find their relationship unravelling at the seams. And Charley, the ex-con who caused it all, struggles to reconcile his past crimes with his present mistakes. Life without Jean will take some getting used to, yet her indelible imprint remains.Jean Harley Was Here is a touching and original exploration of love, relationships, and the ways in which we need each other."

ISBN: 9780702259548
Publication Date: 27-Feb-2017
Publisher: University of Queensland Press