High Places The

Fiona McFarlane

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Fourteen brilliantly inventive stories from Fiona McFarlane, Miles Franklin-shortlisted author of The Night Guest

These wide-ranging stories resonate in the way of only the finest writing and the most pleasurable reading. There are storylines that seem straightforward on the surface but have a dozen things circling underneath, others that sit just off-centre with a particular lens trained on human behaviour. All of them zoom in on life's unknowable points, strange moments around which fortune turns; all make superb use of ambiguity and foible. A man living temporarily in a hotel becomes a sudden stranger to himself. A young girl in rural Queensland feels her world tilt when American soldiers parachute in during World War II. A lottery win sees a man receive a poignant lesson in the nature of luck. The father of a boy who narrowly escapes tragedy cannot see things in quite the same way afterwards . . .

Fiona McFarlane can sculpt a character with one telling observation, turn a story with a single line. Her proclivity for seeing the bizarre in the ordinary, her sense of mystery and wit, and her deftness with detail make her that prized thing - a seriously good writer who is also effortlessly readable. And her ability to tell an unlikely storyline in a way that convinces utterly makes her a true original. The High Placesis richly nuanced writing full of surprises.

ISBN: 9781926428567
Publication Date: 01-Feb-2016
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia