Griffith Review 58

Julianne Schultz (Editor)

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Every life offers a unique story--but there are lives that stand out so distinctly that they leave a mark on the world. How do some people make such a difference?

Griffith Review 58: Storied Lives--The Novella Project Vfocuses on people who have effected change in ther world, and in the lives of those they encounter. In a major development, this edition will also feature long-form creative non-fiction that explores the personal tales of those whose exploits have made a difference. It will feature new works by Kristina Olsson and Laura Elvery, winners of the Griffith ReviewQueensland Writers Fellowship.

This collection tells the stories of people, real and imagined, who forged breakthroughs, battled the odds and continue to shape and define the world. Narratives of those who intersected decisively with their times and left a trace that a beautifully written story can map.

ISBN: 9781925498424
Publication Date: 30-Oct-2017
Publisher: Text Publishing Company