Generation Next

Ramesh Manocha

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The world is getting harder for young people, and for the people who care about them: parents, teachers. school counsellors and concerned relatives. Generation Next is an organisation that gathers experts in several fields to provide information for professionals - now all that expertise is gathered in one volume for everyone else. Each chapter contains easily accessible information, along with more detail and resources for those who wish to find out more.In this comprehensive volume there will be the latest information on many topics, including:Communicating with Young people about Alcohol and DrugsSupporting a Young Person Who Doesn't Want to Do Alcohol or DrugsTeens, Parties and Alcohol - A Practical Guide to Keeping Them SafeEating Disorders in YouthFostering Positive Body Image: Harnessing Peer Interactions and Media LiteracyMuscle dysmorphia / BigorexiaA Practical Guide to BullyblockingEvidence-based Advice for Parents & Practitioners on BullyingAnxiety and Young PeopleBehavioural red flags / When to Worry / Communication & Enabling Help-seekingDepression in Young PeopleHelping a Young Person in a Mental Health CrisisSupporting Young People through GriefUnderstanding non-suicidal self-injury & How to Support Young People A Practical Guide to Problematic Internet Use and How to Manage ItAdvice for Parents: Be a Mentor, Not a FriendCyberbullying, Cyber-harassment & Revenge PornGaming and Mental HealthHarnessing the Minecraft Mindset for Success in the Real WorldHelping Young People Manage Their Time OnlinePractical Advice for Parents and Carers in the Digital AgeViolent Videogames & Violent BehaviourCommon Sense Advice for Nurturing a Healthy MindFood, Mood & Mental Health of Young PeopleFriendship and Social SkillsUnderstanding Teen Sleep and Drowsy KidsCould It Be Autism? / Could It Be Aspergers?Dyslexia and Learning DifficultiesPositive Psychology for WellbeingA Practical Guide to Talking to Young People about Online Porn & Sexual ImagesAnger & AggressionCommercialisation of ChildhoodUnderstanding the Teenage BrainE-mental Health Programs and Interventions

ISBN: 9780733638336
Publication Date: 30-May-2017
Publisher: Hachette Australia