Flesh and Bone and Water

Luiza Sauma

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"The past has a certain scent, don't you think? To me, it smells like Brazil. I held the letter to my face, inhaled and felt the years dissolve . . . Brazilian-born doctor AndrU Cabral is living in London when one day he receives a letter from his home country, which he left nearly thirty years ago. A letter he keeps in his pocket for weeks, but tells no one about. The letter prompts AndrU to remember the days of his youth - torrid afternoons on Ipanema beach with his listless teenage friends, parties in elegant Rio apartments, his after-school job at his father's plastic surgery practice - and, above all, his secret infatuation with the daughter of his family's maid, the intoxicating Luana. Unable to resist the pull of the letter, AndrU embarks on a journey back to Brazil to rediscoverhis past and a terrible secret."

ISBN: 9780241978139
Publication Date: 03-Apr-2017
Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited