Doctor Sax

Jack Kerouac

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Jack Kerouac called Doctor Sax, the enigmatic figure who haunted his boyhood imagination, 'my ghost, personal angel, private shadow, secret lover'. In this extraordinary autobiographical account of growing up in Lowell, Massachussetts, told through his fictional alter ego Jack Duluoz, he mingles real people and events with fantastical figures to capture the accents, scents, sights and texture of his childhood: playing among the river weeds and railroad tracks, going to church, witnessing life and death on the street corners. Written when he was staying with William Burroughs in Mexico in 1952, Doctor Saxwas Kerouac's favourite of all his books: a dark, vivid and magical evocation of a boy's vibrant inner life.

'Kerouac's best book.' Time

'Spooky and tender with stretches of sheer phosphorescent fantasy, Doctor Saxhas a vigour and a thirst for life . . . one of the gems of modern literature.' Rolling Stone

ISBN: 9780141198248
Publication Date: 03-May-2012
Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited