Courtyard Kitchen

Natalie Boog

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Herbs and potted fruits thrive in small, easy-to maintain spaces in courtyard pots and troughs, on decks or balconies or in window boxes. Herbs are inexpensive to pot and grow and add wonderful flavor to the simplest dish, and of course there's nothing quite like cooking with home-grown ingredients. "Courtyard Kitchen" is prefaced with simple tips and hints on selecting the best herbs for your space and setting up and maintaining them; it includes essential information on seasons, cropping times and basic plant care. Following this are more than 80 simple fresh food recipes with clever flavor-matching ideas based around a specific herb or potted fruit theme basil, mint, coriander, lemon, parsley, strawberry, thyme, rosemary, chilli. There are risottos, roasts, pizzas, salsas, salads, soups, recipes for pasta, polenta, couscous; there are sorbets, cakes and treats delicious, easy recipes that celebrate the sheer pleasure of home cooking with herbs you've grown yourself. Includes dual measures."

ISBN: 9781760110659
Publication Date: 01-May-2015
Publisher: Murdoch Books Pty Limited