Children of the Revolution

Peter Robinson

$11.95 Hardback
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From one of the world's most acclaimed writers: a twisting, relentless tale of buried secrets and bitter revenge, featuring one of the most complex and beloved protagonists in contemporary fiction.

The body of disgraced college lecturer Gavin Miller is found on an abandoned railway line by a woman out walking her dog early one winter morning. In the four years since Miller's dismissal, he's been living like a hermit. So where did he get the thousands in cash found in his pocket? Leading the investigation, Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks begins to suspect that the victim's distant past may be connected to his death. Forty years ago the dead man attended a university that was a hotbed of militant protest and divisive, bitter passions. And as the seasoned detective well knows, some grudges are never forgotten or forgiven.

Just as Banks is about to break the case open, his superior warns him to back off or risk losing the promotion he has been promised. Yet Banks isn't about to stop, even if it means risking his career. He's certain there's more to the mystery than meets the eye, and more skeletons to uncover before the case can finally be closed."

ISBN: 9781444704914
Publication Date: 15-Aug-2013
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton