Battle of Long Tan The

David W. Cameron

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On the afternoon of 18 August 1966, a rubber plantation near Long Tan, in Phuoc Tuy Province, South Vietnam, became the stage for one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War - and arguably the most significant battle in Vietnam for the Australian forces.

The 1st Australian Task Force had arrived four months earlier to set up a base at Nui Dat, and open up the province. While patrolling the area, Delta Company of 6RAR, originally numbering just 105 Australians and three New Zealanders, collided with Viet Cong forces in the plantation, ahead of a planned Vietnamese ambush. The Viet Cong attacked in force, using mortar, machine gun and small arms fire. Completely surrounded, and short on ammunition, the Australians could only guess at the strength of the enemy. Morning light revealed a shattered woodland, trees bleeding latex - and an enemy of around 2000 Vietnamese troops organised in multiple human-wave attacks. What was first thought by the Australians to be a significant defeat was in fact a major victory.

Marking the battle's 50th anniversary, and drawing on first-hand accounts from servicemen at all levels of command, critically-acclaimed war writer David Cameron brings to life blow-by-blow the events of this famous battle as it unfolded, and the deeds of heroism and mateship now part of Australia's Vietnam War story. His compelling account commemorates the men who fought in the rubber plantation of Long Tan - and those who did not come home.

Praise for David Cameron's The Battle for Lone Pine:

'A fine work of military and social history.' Weekend Australian

'We now have a powerfully written and well-illustrated book that focuses on this tragic action.' Sydney Morning Herald

'A riveting read.' Daily Telegraph

ISBN: 9780670078271
Publication Date: 01-Aug-2016
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia