Australian Gypsies

Mandy Sayer

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Today, roughly 100,000 Gypsies call Australiahome, yet until now their experiences have been hidden from our history, andfrom our present.

Here, award-winning memoirist and novelistMandy Sayer weaves together a wide-ranging and exuberant history of Gypsies inAustralia. She begins with the roots of Romani culture, and traces the firstGypsy people to arrive in Australia, including James Squire, the colony's firstbrewer. She meets Gypsy families who live all over Australia, who share thestories of their ancestors and their own lives.

With her own nomadic early life andexperiences as a street performer, Sayer brings unique insight into the livesof the people she meets, and a strong sense of their extraordinary history. Shealso demolishes some longstanding but baseless myths along the way. Heroriginal and compelling book reveals a rich part of our history that few of useven know is there.

ISBN: 9781742234670
Publication Date: 02-Oct-2017
Publisher: NewSouth Publishing