A-Z Great Modern Writers

Andy Tuohy (Illustrator); Caroline Taggart

$24.99 Hardback
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Artist and graphic designer Andy Tuohy turns his hand to the world of literature, in this new instalment of the A-Z series. Rendered in his distinctive style, this new book features portraits of 52 key modern writers significant for their contribution to literature, with a whole host of names from across the world including Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Samuel Beckett, Emile Zola, Jung Chang, Franz Kafka and Leo Tolstoy to name but a few.
Each writer's entry will also have a summary of the essential things you need to know about them, why they are important in the field of literature, a list of their must-read books, and a surprising fact or two about them, as well as other images throughout such as of famous book covers and author photographs.
A fun, easy guide to some of the best writers of modern times, this would be a great gift for an English Lit student, and anyone who just loves literature."

ISBN: 9781844039135
Publication Date: 04-Apr-2017
Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group