A Delicious Bunch

Linda Brennan

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'A Delicious Bunch' is a sumptuously beautiful book, replete with glorious full colour, mouth-watering images. Sharing her decades of expertise in horticulture, catering and organics, Linda Brennan inspires and educates the gardener and cook, to grow and use edible flowers.With easy to follow plant-based recipes, a selection of garden plans for incorporating edible flowers in large and small spaces, and full growers notes on each of thirty delectable flowers, this book will tempt and delight.This unique book embraces flowers that are used as food, from many cultures. You'll find within the leaves of this book, flowers that thrive in warm, humid and cool temperate climates. Blooms from the unusual to the commonplace, there are new ways of incorporating these gorgeous edible flowers into recipes the whole family can enjoy.

ISBN: 9780646970387
Publication Date: 10-Jun-2017
Publisher: Ecobotanica Pty, Limited