Raymond Evans - Half Century

Friday 01 December 2017
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
In store at Avid Reader Bookshop
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Kristina Olsson is in-conversation with Raymond Evans for the launch of his collection of poetry Half Century.

‘Raymond Evans’s poetry sings with lyricism. His poems melt and explode with love, lust and clear-eyed honesty, revealing the beautiful and brutal undercurrents of a passionate life.’ Venero Armanno

‘This collection offers a powerful and touching insight into the interior life of a well-regarded Queensland historian. Poignant childhood memories, everyday personal observations, commitment to truth in history-telling, the intricacies of love, involvement in humanitarian and political activism…these are all here, described in poetry that is authentic, unpretentious and fired straight from the hip.’ Linda Stevenson

Raymond Evans was born in Industrial South Wales in early 1944, a couple of months before the D-Day landings, migrating to Queensland with his parents as "Ten-Pound" migrants in 1948-49. He is best known as an Australian social historian, widely published in such fields as race relations, frontier studies, convict studies, war and society research, gender relations, popular culture and Queensland history. His writings include Exclusion. Exploitation and Extermination: Race Relations in Colonial Queensland, Loyalty and Disloyalty: Social Conflict on the Queensland Home-front, 1914-1920, The Red Flag Riots: A Study of Intolerance, Gender Relations in Australia: Domination and Negotiation, 1901: Our Future's Past, Fighting Words; Writing about Race, Radical Brisbane: An Unruly History and A History of Queensland. Half Century: Fifty Poems, Personal and Political, which covers fifty years of this writer's life, is his first foray into poetry.