Laurence Browne - The Many Faces of Coincidence

Monday 04 September 2017
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
In store at Avid Reader Bookshop
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Join writer, speaker, businessman and novelist Adam Williams as he launches The Many Faces of Coincidence by Laurence Browne.

Although much has been said and written about coincidences, there is a marked absence when it comes to the development of a comprehensive model that incorporates the many different ways in which they can be understood and explained. One reason for this omission is undoubtedly the sharp divide that exists between those who find coincidences meaningful and those who do not, with the result that the conclusions of the many books and articles on the subject have tended to fall into distinct camps. The Many Faces of Coincidence attempts to remedy this impasse by proposing an inclusive categorisation for coincidences of all shapes and sizes. At the same time, some of the implications arising from the various explanations are explored, including the possibility of an underlying unity of mind and matter constituting the ground of being.

'A superb introduction to the study of coincidences! Astutely researched, clearly and cleverly written, Laurence Browne's engaging survey profiles coincidence’s many faces.’ Bernard D. Beitman, MD

'Scholarly yet lucid and engaging, Browne's book guides the reader ably through the perplexing world of coincidence and synchronicity.’
Professor Roderick Main, University of Essex

'A highly intelligent and insightful exploration of perhaps the most difficult topic in all of human thought: coincidence and its relation to causality. I hope this work will pull this discussion out of the doldrums in which it has been stuck for at least a generation.' Richard Smoley, author of The Dice Game of Shiva

'The Many Faces of Coincidence deserves high-praise in that it succeeds in giving a critical evaluation of a bevy of diverse materials, facts, and opinions, and even implies (if not, suggests) avenues for further research. Highly recommended!' Dr Lance Storm, University of Adelaide

Laurence Browne has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Queensland, with an investigation into the nature of coincidences the focus of his research.