Jane Hutcheon - BOOKED OUT

Thursday 11 May 2017
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
In store at Avid Reader Bookshop
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Join journalist and author Jane Hutcheon for the Brisbane launch of China Baby Love.

China Baby Love is the story of how one woman turned her life upside down to help those who needed it most - half a world away.

Every orphan comes with a story. Every journalist has a story that stays with them. And everyone has the power to make a difference.

From rural Queensland to rural China, China Baby Love is the story of moving mountains, one shovel at a time. Former foreign correspondent and host of ABC TV's ‘One Plus One', Jane Hutcheon introduces us to Linda Shum, a not-so-ordinary grandmother and widow from Gympie whose compassion for China's forgotten children inspired her to create an unlikely empire.

The story of COAT (The Chinese Orphans Assistance Team) and Linda's quest to help orphans, many with multiple disabilities, reveals the hidden human aftermath of the One-Child Policy. A tentative visit to an orphanage in a small Chinese city turned into many over a period of twenty years. Linda's curiosity transformed into sheer determination to battle superstition, bureaucracy and a constant lack of funds, to found foster homes and a special needs school that has transformed hundreds of lives, including her own.

What Jane intended as a five-minute ‘human interest' segment in a news broadcast inspired an unexpected friendship and the writing of a book, that would take Jane back to China. Through the story of Linda Shum's life and work, Jane gets to the heart of some painful truths behind modern Chinese families living in a one-party state.

Jane Hutcheon began her career in radio and television in Hong Kong and has witnessed ground-breaking news unfolding over her 30 years as a broadcast journalist. She has served as the ABC  Correspondent in China, the Middle-East and Europe. Jane is a keen observer of Chinese society and history. She directed and wrote the 2013 documentary From Mao to Now for ABC News and published her first book From Rice to Riches in 2003, documenting her family's connections and her own reporting experiences in China. Jane is a broadcaster and moderator who interviews leaders, celebrities and personalities in her weekly ABC-TV program One Plus One.