Fermentation and Pickling Club - BOOKED OUT

Sunday 04 March 2018
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
In store at Avid Reader Bookshop
Sorry, all seats taken

THIS EVENT HAS BOOKED OUT. There will be another meeting in April but details have not been finalised. Check back later for details or sign up to our newsletter for weekly updates. 

Join the first meeting of our Fermentation and Pickling Club.

The Fermentation and Pickling Club is a group of like-minded locals meeting once a month to discuss the fine art of fermentation, pickling and preserving, recipes and tips for your fermented kitchen, pitfalls and mistakes to be avoided and the health benefits of adding pro-biotic foods into your diet. Bring along a jar of something you have made, a scoby, some keffir grains or anything else to swap or share a tasting with the group.

There will be visiting experts in fermenting, pickling, sourdough making and preserving and these guests will be able to share expert advice with you.

At our first meeting we will be discussing our favourite fermenting, pickling and preserving books with Avid's Krissy Kneen with a special guest appearance by Krissy's famous sugarloaf cabbage, lemon and dill sauerkraut.

Also, award-winning screenwriter and director, Anthony Mullins will demonstrate his sourdough recipe. He is going to show people how he makes his loaf from his starter culture and then distribute an email of his method that he has written along with photographs so that people can try this at home.

Fermentation and Pickling Club meets first Sunday of the month.